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Boer Goats for Sale in Pennsylvania
Boer Goats for Sale in Pennsylvania
Updated 12-14-2013
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Hello! Welcome to our website. We're Butch and Brenda Stafford and we live and farm in North West Pennsylvania.
We have been farming for nearly 20 years. Just recently we bought our first Boer goats, and absolutely love them. So we decided to start a business doing something we love.
My husband came up with Stickyfoot Acres. The name could not be more perfect. Anyone who has ever been on a farm with animals knows exactly what the scraping, and the twisting, and the scuffling is; to try and get that wonderful stuff off that is stuck to the bottom of the boots and shoes.
Stickyfoot Acres :)
We are dedicated to producing healthy, muscular, and sound goats. We have full bloods, purebreds and percentages. We breed all year round, so please keep checking back to see what we have for sale. Lots of times we sell out before we can list them on the website, so you may want to contact us.
Paint Me Black
Kids have arrived and they are awesome! Thick, wide, long, & fast growing. Our bucks are doing a great job.